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[Public Goods]

Three projects that archive and preserve internet history

words by Austin Robey


Five creative lessons from Factory Records

words by Austin Robey

What creators and metalabels can learn from Factory Records


What's after the creator economy?

words by Yancey Strickler

[Music festival]

Pablo Martinez on building NRMAL

words by Brandon Stosuy

"The most significant decision has been deciding to be a startup for culture rather than a for-profit maximizer at all costs."

[Onchain records]

Reinventing the record

words by Yancey Strickler

[Collectible zine]

Zine: After The Creator Economy

words by Austin Robey

After The Creator Economy is a limited-edition zine exploring constructive alternatives for the ways we produce, distribute, and monetize creative work online.

[Artist collective]

Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group on continual evolution

words by Brandon Stosuy

"When Chim↑Pom formed there weren't other collectives in Japan, and there wasn't this definition of a 'collective.' The word itself didn't really exist."

[Collective Authorship]

Creating CHAOS: an oral history of "Walls"

words by Austin Robey

"It was a surreal experience for me. I've never done anything like it."

[Open-Source Network]

Why the Wide Awakes are one of the world's most interesting metalabels

words by Yancey Strickler

"I feel happiest and strongest when I'm in community with people and they're willing to be in community with me. Not that we agree or that we like each other, but that we're actually choosing to connect around this idea that joy and power come from investment in oneself, but also in our surroundings. I was frantically calling all these people around me to be like, 'Hey, let's just be together, have you thought about what would happen?'" — Hank Willis Thomas


Extinction Rebellion on decentralization over time

words by Yancey Strickler

"Where post-consensus really works is when people have been used to working collaboratively. Often people confuse consensus and cooperation with collaboration. When XR works best is when it realizes that it's a creative project. Because people understand that people have certain skills and you collaborate: you bring in a photographer, you work with someone who works in metal or fabric because it's not your specialism, you understand that you have applied ideation process which is then interpreted by other people, and you get used to giving freedom to other people because they will interpret something and make it better. You appreciate that alchemical quality that you can only get when you let go of things, when you hand something on to someone else."

[Creator Economy]

Evolution of the solopreneur

words by Austin Robey

[Multiplayer Mode]

How culture is made

words by Yancey Strickler

[Art Collectives]

Ellen Mara De Wachter: art worlds and collaboration

words by Austin Robey

"I don't think the collective is served by an erasure of individuality. I think it's essential to be both an individual and part of a group. For collaboration to be sound, there should be an ability to exist both within and without the group — to toggle between and to freely move between."

[Multiplayer Mode]

Introducing Public Record

words by Yancey Strickler

We introduced metalabels in February of 2022, and have continued to explore the form since with a series of drops, events, and dozens of interviews with groups who operate using metalabel-like models. Public Record presents the things we’ve learned and continue to learn in that process, exploring where the form might go.

[Exit To Community]

Me, we, us: Protein’s evolution towards community ownership

words by Austin Robey

“There was a frustration as a sole founder, fully independent, without co-founders. I mean it’s fun, but it’s also kind of lonely.”

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